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Antique Shop

June 4, 2009
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Open this games all over the world and earn enough money to finance an archaeological expedition to Greece! Purchase new items to sell in your shop and use store upgrades to improve the customer`s experience. Plan out your trip and purchase the necessities as you earn huge profits in this fun Time Management game.

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The high-quality graphical design help to make the game play quite attractive. You need to take advantage of all your brain cells, senses, talent, as well as wisdom to beat the competitors locating as much hidden items as you're able to before the forces of evil defeat you. You have to notice that this computer game isn't just for children, however. Adults may also greatly enjoy acquiring the hidden items.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

On your pc, you need to have Windows XP/Vista/7. Ensure your system have a processor speed with a minimum of 1.0 GHz. Would have to be installed DirectX 9.0 library. For this game, more than 256Mb of ram memory required. The game is actually not really big. At the computer you have, it will take approximately 77 Mbytes.

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