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Big City Adventure - San Francisco

April 21, 2007
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Join the Big City Adventure treasure hunt and search for thousands of cleverly hidden items. Travel to all the most famous (and not so famous) locations around the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco. Discover 60 fascinating and obscure facts about San Francisco and it's history, plus, earn 60 cool mementos from the 20 amazing locations you'll visit. Big City Adventure is a great beginning to a new series of hidden object games.

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It has a really immersive and entertaining gaming experience, and also being a lot of fun playing. You should apply your creativity, wits, skillsets, as well as intelligence to defeat the competitors in finding as much hidden items as is possible before the forces of evil defeat you. The high-quality sharp graphics cause the overall game truly entertaining.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

To begin with the game you must have an Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 operating system. The video game makes use of graphic effects, dependent upon the library DirectX 6.0. For the game, as a minimum 128Mb of memory required. The central processor is good enough for this game have got to be 600 Mhz. It is not necessary to clean the hard drive from other software. 28 of free drive space is sufficient.

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