Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night

December 31, 2014
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The Prophecies that predict the End of Days are coming true. The ancient order of the Hildegards, have been fighting the forces of Evil since the beginning of time but they are now on the brink of defeat. The Head of the Order, Aaron Hildegard is betrayed and kidnapped by his own brother. Beasts that have once remained hidden are creeping out of every crack. Most of the Knights have either fallen or they've been captured. It feels as though there is no hope... However the Prophecy states that one day, a chosen hero will arrive to the castle of the once great Order. He will find the ancient weapon and turn the tides of war. Explore a castle full of secrets and save the world!

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hidden mystery games

At the time playing that game, you might believe that you are in an alternate realm, searching signs to assist you clear a great mystery. This amazing game is one of the most intriguing hidden object games that can be found today. Essential take note that this computer game is not just for the children, however. Most people may also quite enjoy locating the hidden objects.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Should be installed DirectX 9.0 library. Your machine only must have Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 as its operating system. The processor chip is good enough for this game needs to be 1.6 GHz. For this game, not less than 1024Mb of ram memory demanded. Besides these minimal requirements, the game is only going to get 613 mb on the computer's disk drive storage space. This game has only not so big personal computer requirements. In contrast to many games, you don't really need the latest, greatest, and most pricy computer hardware if you want to have fun with this game.

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