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Crossworlds: The Flying City

January 9, 2011
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Monica and her father, Professor Dumbdore, have invented a unique device, a teleporter that enables traveling though parallel worlds! Mysteriously, Monica's father disappears and it's up to her to track him down! Investigate the different worlds and meet interesting characters as you track down Monica's father in this game, an exciting Hidden Object game.

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All of the high-quality artwork create the game play truly interesting. This game is one of the most amazing hidden object games that you can buy today. You should apply all your brain cells, wits, talents, and intellect to beat your competitors in finding as much hidden items as is possible before the forces of evil defeat you.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

The game demands a some Memory: 1024Mb. For easy game you just have a chip with 1.4 GHz. Your machine just needs to have Windows XP/Vista/7 as its main system. Should be running DirectX 9.0 library. Along with these lightweight requirements, the game is only going to claim 199 Mbytes of your computer's disc drive space. This game has only not so big pc requirements. Unlike many video games, you don't need to have the modern, ultimate, and most pricy hardware as a way to have fun with the game.

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