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Curse of the Pharaoh: Napoleon's Secret

March 8, 2009
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Curse of the Pharaoh: Napoleon`s Secret is a thrilling adventure game that blends together classic Hidden Object puzzles with a special twist on Spot the Difference gameplay. The journey begins in 1930s Egypt, where the first game left off. Follow intrepid archaeologist Anna as she unravels a mystery leading from Nefertiti to Napoleon. Can you break the Pharaoh`s curse?

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All of the high-quality graphics create the game very fascinating. You need to apply all your creative thinking, wits, experience, together with intellect to defeat your competitors locating as much hidden items as you can before the forces of evil defeat you. You will want to note that this computer game isn't just for kids, though. Most people will also quite enjoy acquiring the hidden items.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Ensure your Laptop or computer for running DirectX 7.0 or later. Your pc only needs to have Windows XP/Vista/7 as its operating system. 1.0 GHz processor will be enough to enjoy this gameThe overall game demands a very little Ram memory: 128Mb. You don't have to clean the hard drive from some other software. 94 of free drive space is sufficient.

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