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Cursed Memories: The Secret of Agony Creek

October 16, 2011
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After waking up chained to the floor of a disgusting cabin, you must discover the Secret of Agony Creek and escape before it's too late! Avoid a dangerous police officer, a mysterious phantom, and many more dangers in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Figure out why the town was evacuated and learn about the founder's shady past in Cursed Memories: Secret of Agony Creek!

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hidden mystery games

Essential notice that this game isn't only for the children, however. Parents may also quite enjoy uncovering the hidden things. You have to use your creativity, wits, skillsets, together with intellect to defeat your competitors locating as many hidden items as you're able to before the forces of evil defeat you. This amazing game is one of the most amazing hidden object games available to buy today.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Examine the Computer for installed DirectX 6.0 or later. For the game, more than 512Mb of memory space required. On your computer system, you must have Windows XP/Vista. For your computer system's hardware, the computer has to be using the minimum of a 1.0 GHz processor chip. You will need as a minimum 347 Mb of harddisk space freed up and ready for the installation and working of your hidden object game - you will need extra harddrive space if you set up extra than single game, even so the disk drive space requirement probably will not definitely become a multiple of 347 Mbytes due to the use of common computer code components among most of the hidden object games. This game just has modest computer demands. In contrast to a lot of other video games, you don't really need the most up-to-date, ultimate, and most expensive hardware to be able to enjoy this game.

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