Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition

June 1, 2012
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Professor Gordon Child was your favorite college professor and now he's summoned you, his star student, to the island of Cannon Rock. You arrive to find that Child has vanished and a madman has destroyed the island and murdered many of the residents! The few who are left think you're the only one who can save them! It's your destiny. But, uncovering the madman's true identity will challenge your skills and your assumptions. Solve mind-bending puzzles and search challenging hidden object scenes in Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

Look at Hidden Object Game video:

hidden mystery games

When you are having fun with that game, you're believe that you are inside another world, attempting to get hints to successfully clear a fantastic mystery. It is essential to note that this computer game is not just for children, though. Parents will also much enjoy looking for the hidden stuff. So, what are you waiting around for? Go ahead and acquire this game and allow magnificent grand adventure start right now!

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Ensure your system have a processor chip velocity with a minimum of 1.0 GHz. The overall game makes use of graphic effects, dependent upon the library DirectX 9.0. The game needs a small bit of RAM: 512Mb. Your pc simply needs to have Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 as its operating-system. Additionally to these modest requirements, the game is only going to get 890 megabytes on the computer's hard disk storage space. This video game just has insignificant personal computer demands. Compared with some other computer games, you don't need to have the latest, finest, and most valuable hardware as a way to enjoy the game.

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