Dark Strokes: The Legend of the Snow Kingdom

May 10, 2014
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Inspired by the timeless tales of the Brothers Grimm, this game offers an experience rich with magic and wonder. From its breathtaking opening scene, in which a hunter saves a princess from an uncertain fate at the hands of a Snow Knight, to its stunning conclusion, Dark Strokes 2 will captivate you with a world abounding in beauty and detail, puzzles and mini-games unlike any you have solved, and a story of unprecedented depth.

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It has a really immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, as well as being a lot of fun playing. Any time having fun with that game, you'll believe you are in different complete world, searching for signs in order to clear up a grand enigma. All of the high-quality graphical design cause the overall game truly motivating. Well, what are you waiting around for? Just do it - grab this game and allow the magnificent game get started now!

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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

The game makes use of visual effects, based on the library DirectX 9.0. Be sure that your computer gets a processor chip speed of at least 1.6 GHz. To begin with the game you absolutely need an Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 operating-system. This game needs a little bit of Memory: 512Mb. You don't have to clean up the hard drive from other software. 665 of free disc space is sufficient.

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