Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue

January 1, 2010
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A dreadful murder and kidnapping has occurred in the Rue Morgue and only you can solve the dark crime! Follow the clues to find the killer and the missing family. Become the apprentice of the famed C. Auguste Dupin and solve the devious puzzles to find the hidden clues that will lead you to the monstrous murderer. Based on Edgar Allan Poes most acclaimed murder mystery, Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poes Murder in the Rue Morgue is a fantastic Hidden Object game full of suspense and excitement.

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hidden mystery games

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hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Your computer will need to have no less than 512Mb Ram memory. Your laptop or computer just needs to have Windows XP/Vista/7 as its os. For easy game you've just got a chip with 1.0 GHz. Check the System for running DirectX 8.0 or later. This game is actually not very big. On the computer you have, you will need just around 232 MB. So do not be bothered if your own pc isn't very new; this computer game will run perfectly well on older machines and won't max out your Processor or decline your computer to the point where the game is not pleasant, like another video games do!

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