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June 9, 2011
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Welcome to this game, an old abandoned amusement park! It is full of dangerous traps and old run-down rides not suitable for children. It also contains a terrible secret... There is an evil dwarf that brightens up his miserable days by collecting the souls of those who dare enter the neglected park. Explore the rundown park and defeat the dwarf once and for all in this fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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You need to note that this computer game isn't only for children, however. Adults will really enjoy acquiring the hidden things. You must start using all your creativity, wits, talents, combined with intelligence to beat the competitors in finding as many hidden items as you can before the forces of evil defeat you. All of the high-quality design get the game really pleasing. So, what are you waiting for? Just purchase this game and let the magnificent journey begin now!

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

To get started on the game you will need an Windows XP/Vista operating system. Would have to be installed DirectX 9.0 library. This game uses a little Memory: 512Mb. The central processor is good enough for this video game is required to be 1.0 GHz. The game is actually not very big. On the hard disk drive you have, it will take a maximum of 236 MB. The game has only insignificant computer system requirements. Unlike a great many other games, you don't really need the modern, greatest, and most expensive hardware to enjoy this game.

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