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Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone

November 30, 2009
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Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone, though primarily being a hidden object game also includes elements from an adventure game. A number of puzzles coupled with amazing graphics make it a visually stunning game.

Upon visiting a museum and glancing upon paintings of the family which once resided there, you are taken back into time when the royal family was alive but mysteriously frozen by a curse inflicted upon them. The player has to solve puzzles and find a variety of hidden objects as he unravels the mystery of the curse. Upon completion of levels, the player moves from one ‘frozen’ family member to the rest while they acquaint us with the chilling truth as to what really happened.

Finding the hidden objects are not that demanding but quite a few puzzle are very difficult to solve. The developers have added a skip button at the end allowing players to progress even if they are unable to solve the puzzle.

The game, even though it is very well made and fun to play has its flaws. First being, the game is a little too short for my liking and would have liked it much better had been a little longer and the voice acting is definitely not up to the mark.

Look at Hidden Object Game video:

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hidden mystery games

Make sure that your PC for running DirectX 9.0 or newer. 800 Mhz cpu would be enough to enjoy this gameTo set up the game you should have an Windows XP/Vista/7 operating-system. The game wants a little bit of RAM: 512Mb. This game is actually not very big. At the harddrive you have, it will take no more than 173 Megabytes.

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