Echoes of the Past: The Kingdom of Despair

September 12, 2013
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End the witch's evil reign at last! Explore the twists and turns of a mysterious world as you travel through a strange, cursed kingdom, where the characters have been robbed of their beauty and talents by a cruel sorceress. Test your wits as you gather the missing amulets, restore the lives of the cursed characters - and open the portal to return home!

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hidden mystery games

The following game is probably most interesting hidden object games available today. At the time play this game, you can feel that you are in another realm, searching for hints to finally resolve a great enigma. It has a really immersive and exciting gaming experience, along with being a lot of fun to play.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

For this game, as a minimum 1024Mb of memory demanded. Make sure that your Computer system for running DirectX 9.0 or newer. Your machine simply needs to have Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 as its main system. 1.0 GHz cpu would be sufficient to enjoy this game. You should have at least 818 Mb of disc drive storage space freed up and suitable for the installation and functioning for this hidden object game - you may need even more hard disk drive room if you put in more than one game, yet the hdd storage space requirement probably will not necessarily become a multiple of 818 Mb a result of the use of usual computer code modules among many of the hidden object games.

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