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Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale

May 7, 2011
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Anna awakens on a mysterious tiny island after escaping the destruction of her underwater kingdom. She must find her way to a mystical floating cloud city in the sky, seek out the four Children of Light and save them from the twisted clutches of the Evil Empress Pandora. Along the way she must rescue and heal enchanted animal slaves in this fantastic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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The high-quality graphical design cause the game play really fascinating. This game is one of the most remarkable hidden object games available on the market today. It's important to note that this game isn't only for kids, though. Grown persons will much enjoy uncovering the hidden stuff.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Your computer should have more than 512Mb Memory. On your personal computer, you will need Windows XP/Vista. Have to be installed DirectX 8.1 local library. Computer processor at 1.0 GHz would be suitable to play the game. Along with these tiny demands, the game only get 413 Mbytes of the computer's hard drive space. So do not be bothered if your own personal computer isn't quite fresh; this video game may function completely well on good old computers and does not max out your CPU or slow down your system to the point where the game is not enjoyable, like other sorts of game titles do!

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