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Escape from Lost Island

February 26, 2010
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When the fancy cruise ship you're on starts sinking, it's a fight to stay alive! Once you manage to get off the sinking cruise ship, you need to survive on an uncharted island! Use your wits to find shelter, avert pirates, escape from the natives, and signal civilization to organize your rescue in this game. Explore gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and find helpful items that'll make your journey easier.

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It provides a really immersive and entertaining gaming experience, in addition to being a lot of fun playing. It is important to note that this computer game is not only for the kids, however. Parents may also really enjoy picking the hidden things. You have to take advantage of all your creative thinking, wits, required skills, combined with intelligence to defeat the competitors discovering as much hidden items as you're able to before the forces of evil defeat you.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

The overall game requires a some Memory: 128Mb. Your pc simply will need Windows XP/Vista/7 as its operating-system. Make sure that your laptop or computer gets a processor speed with a minimum of 600 Mhz. Will have to be installed DirectX 7.0 library. In addition to these low demands, the game will only get 82 Mbytes of your computer's disc drive space.

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