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August 20, 2011
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When a medical consultation goes terribly wrong, it's up to you to realize the full potential of your unique ability and save the day! Discovering that other people have similar gifts as yours, you realize that evildoers would do anything to possess your talents. Dive into this game and explore gorgeous Hidden Object scenes to become a hero!

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The high-quality sharp graphics cause the game play very appealing. At the time having fun with this game, you'll believe you are inside different world, looking for clues to clear up a fantastic mystery. This amazing game is probably most intriguing hidden object games that can be found today.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

The processor chip is fine enough for this video game is required to be 800 Mhz. The game uses graphic effects, determined by the library DirectX 6.0. For this game, not less than 256Mb of ram memory required. To begin with the game you should have an Windows XP/Vista os. You don't have to clean the hard drive from some other software. 254 of free drive space is enough. So do not be concerned if your system is not very new; this computer game may function perfectly well on old systems and won't max out your Processor or weigh down your machine to the point where the game is not pleasant, like other sorts of video games do!

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