Flux Family Secrets: The Book of Oracles

July 1, 2012
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Immerse yourself in the secret world of a time traveling family as they fight to save their future in the final chapter of the Flux Family Secrets trilogy. Follow Jesse as she navigates through time helping historical figures and unraveling a mysterious plot that involves her families' future. It's time to board this thrilling hidden object puzzle adventure that answers all the lingering questions and concludes the Flux Family Secrets trilogy.

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hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Should installed DirectX 8.0 local library. For convenient gaming you've just got a chip with 1.0 GHz. Your pc must have at least 512Mb Ram memory. Your machine just should have Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 as its os. Additionally to these not so big requirements, the video game will only take 359 Mbytes of the computer's disk drive space.

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