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November 11, 2009
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Have you played Call of Atlantis, 4 Elements and Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey? Well, if you have, Gardenscapes is another hidden object game from the same game makers.

The game starts out when you get a letter from a butler who works for your grandfather informing you about an inheritance. This inheritance is a big mansion which has a large garden which is in ruins. Your duty is to restore the garden but you have no experience therefore you seek help from Austin the butler.

You do not have the money to restore the garden but there are various items in the mansion that you can sell to get money by organizing a jumbo sale. The items are hidden and you have to look for them to get the money needed to restore the garden. You have to find items that customers will be interested in. There are about 15 locations in the mansion that you will have to look through to get the items. You will definitely enjoy the animation that is included in this game.

When you are trying to look for the hidden objects in Gardenscapes, you can get hints from the question marks placed in several places, the thermometer that lets you know when you are about to find an object and the camera will even show some of the items for some seconds. The customers will also make requests for certain items to make it easier for you.

Look at Hidden Object Game video:

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Computer system processor at 1.0 GHz is definitely good to spend time playing the game. Require to be installed DirectX 8.0 library. For this game, more than 512Mb of ram memory required. On your personal computer, you need to have Windows XP/Vista/7. Besides these tiny demands, the video game is only going to get 122 megabytes of the computer's harddisk space. The game just has minor system demands. Compared with some other video games, you don't need to have the latest, ultimate, and most pricy hardware to have fun with the game.

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