Haunted Hotel: Eclipse

November 9, 2013
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You and your renowned partner James have been called to investigate a strange disturbance at a hotel, but the maid says the guests are all monsters. What's happened here, and does she really mean that literally?

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hidden mystery games

It provides a really immersive and exciting gaming experience, and also being a lot of fun to play. You will have to notice that this computer game is not just for the kids, though. Adults will much enjoy acquiring the hidden things. At the time having fun with that game, you are going to believe you are inside an alternate world, trying to get hints to be able to clear up a great mystery. Well, what are you awaiting? Just do it - acquire this game and let the magnificent grand adventure get started now!

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

On your personal computer, you will need Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8. Your computer require at least 1024Mb Memory. Ensure your Laptop or computer for running DirectX 9.0 or newer. Be sure that your laptop or computer gets a processor velocity of at least 2.5 GHz. You need to have approximately 746 Megabytes of local disk memory space freed up and ready for the installation and working of this hidden object game - you may require additional hdd room if you install more than just one game, although the disc drive storage space requirement will not certainly become a multiple of 746 Mb as a result of use of usual code modules among most of the hidden object games. So do not be concerned if your computer is not very new; this computer game may launch completely well on good old computers and does not max out your Processor or slow down your machine to the point where the game is not pleasant, like some other games do!

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