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Haunted Hotel

March 5, 2008
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After crashing his car on the side of the road, a bewildered traveler finds himself checking in to the this game! In this game, you must explore frightful floors full of spooky rooms to find Hidden Objects in creepy crevices. Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure full of mysterious mini-games and addictive Hidden Object game play!

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Hidden object games let kids to practice using their visual cues and deductive reasoning skills, but without making it seem like they are carrying out a uninteresting tutorial activity. This game is so interesting and compelling that kids may forget that it is so helping their perceptive advancement as they enjoy. You need to take note that this computer game isn't only for little ones, though. Adults will also greatly enjoy looking for the hidden stuff.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

The overall game uses graphic effects, based upon the library DirectX 7.0. Your personal computer should have no less than 128Mb Ram memory. On your personal computer, you must have Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. For easy gameplay you've just got a chip with 600 Mhz. You don't have to clean up the hard drive from other programs. 54 of free hard disk drive space is sufficient.

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