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Hidden World of Art

January 19, 2009
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Lana was the best student in art school and now she is swamped by customers with monumental expectations. She is tasked with restoring the classic paintings crafted by masterful artists spanning four centuries. Help Lana restore around fifty well known paintings by finding and revealing the mysterious objects hidden within the layers of paint.

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Any time having fun with this game, you're going to think that you are in another complete world, trying to find hints to successfully solve a grand mystery. You need to notice that this game is not just for the children, however. Grown persons may also really enjoy looking for the hidden objects.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

This game wants a minor Ram memory: 128Mb. Has to be installed DirectX 7.0 local library. To set up the game you'll need an Windows XP/Vista/7 operating-system. Be sure that your home computer gets a processor velocity of at least 600 Mhz. Don't need to clean the hard drive from other software. 53 of free hard drive space is enough.

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