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I Spy Fantasy

May 26, 2010
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Explore three fantastical worlds filled with unique characters, fun games and challenging I Spy riddles. During your travels, search for lost treasures beneath the sea, command a mission on an alien planet, or invade a castle to defeat the dragon and rescue the princess. Encounter challenges and wonderful surprises as you guide these exciting adventures. Dive into an this game in this fun and exciting Hidden Object game.

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You have to make full use of your creative thinking, senses, skills, together with intellect to beat your competitors discovering as much hidden items as possible before the forces of evil defeat you. The excitement and suspense builds to a palpable tension because the difficulty increases and the player solving puzzles in a series of playoffs. This game is interesting to parents and little ones of all ages. It provides a very immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, as well as being a lot of fun playing.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Your personal computer simply will need Windows XP/Vista/7 as its operating-system. The game uses graphic effects, determined by the library DirectX 6.0. For the game, more than 128Mb of ram memory demanded. Make sure that your system gets a processor chip rate of at least 600 Mhz. You don't have to clean up the hard drive from other programs. 337 of free storage space is sufficient. This video game just has insignificant system requirements. Not like a lot of other video games, you don't need to have the modern, finest, and most pricy hardware if you want to enjoy this game.

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