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I SPY Mystery

April 7, 2010
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It's time to put your awesome detective skills to the test! Play I SPY with fascinating mysteries that need your super-sleuth skills. Choose a case file, and then earn mystery clues by solving I SPY riddles and searching for carefully concealed objects. Gather clues and solve the cases of Knight Fall, Midnight Mouse, Missing Art and many other mysteries. Dive into this game and solve an this game!

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It is important to notice that this game is not only for kids, though. Most people shall also really enjoy picking the hidden things. The thrilling excitment and suspense builds to a palpable tension as the difficulty increases and the player solving puzzles in a series of playoffs. This game is exciting to adults and babies of every age. The following game is about the most intriguing hidden object games that you can buy today.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

800 Mhz processor chip is enough to spend time playing this gameFor the game, at least 256Mb of ram demanded. Your machine simply will need Windows XP/Vista/7 as its main system. Verify the Computer for installed DirectX 6.0 or newer. Its not necessary to clean up the hard drive from other programs. 295 of free disk space is sufficient.

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