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Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome

December 26, 2009
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Adventure awaits you in Italy! Crack a new, mysterious case with Inspector Francesca di Porta! Travel to Rome on the trail of a couple that seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. They won Italy's biggest lottery jackpot ever, yet vanished without claiming a cent. Pictures packed with Hidden Objects to find, clever riddles to solve, and an exciting story set in the eternal city await you in Insider's Tales: Vanished in Rome.

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This amazing game is one of the most amazing hidden object games available today. It provides a very immersive and entertaining gaming experience, in addition to being a lot of fun playing. It is important to notice that this computer game is not only for little ones, however. Parents shall also quite enjoy looking for the hidden things.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

For the game, more than 256Mb of memory demanded. Would have to be running DirectX 8.0 local library. For easy gameplay you've just got a processor with 1.0 GHz. On your pc, you need to have Windows XP/Vista/7. Besides these low demands, the video game is only going to take 101 Mbytes of your computer's hard drive storage space.

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