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King Arthur

September 27, 2010
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Follow Arthur's rise from boy to king! Narrated by Merlin, this game traces the well known tale of Arthur from the time that he was a boy, and happened to pull the enchanted sword out of the stone, to his years as the greatest king of all of England. Use magical runes as you battle the evil Morgana and Mordred, who attempt to usurp the throne of England, in this fun Hidden Object game!

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Hidden object games allow kids to practice using their visual cues and deductive reasoning skills, but without making it seem like they are doing a monotonous educative activity. This game is so fun and amusing that kids may forget that it's aiding their intelligent development as they quite simply playing. It provides a really immersive and exciting gaming experience, and also being a lot of fun to play.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Your computer just needs to have Windows XP/Vista/7 as its operating-system. Your computer must have no less 2048Mb RAM. The game uses graphic effects, determined by the library DirectX 9.0. Ensure your laptop or computer gets a central processor rate with a minimum of 1.6 GHz. Besides these not so big demands, the game will only get 188 Mbytes of your computer's hard disk storage space.

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