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Lamp of Aladdin

April 3, 2010
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Finding yourself in a real fairytale is every child's dream - a chance to feel the magic, to command the power of nature or even to perform heroic deeds. Catch a glimpse of a world where dreams come true and fairytales are real in this game, a unique Match 3 game! Revisit the story of Aladdin as he finds a magical lamp that makes his dreams a reality! Insidious traps, wild magic, and a cast of colorful characters await our heroes.

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At the time having fun with this game, you're going to sense that you are in another complete world, trying to find clues in order to really resolve a grand enigma. It is essential to notice that this computer game isn't just for children, however. Grown persons may also quite enjoy picking the hidden objects.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

The computer will need to have a minimum of 256Mb Ram memory. Should running DirectX 9.0 local library. To begin with the game you absolutely need an Windows XP/Vista/7 os. For easy gaming you've just got a processor chip with 1.0 GHz. Besides these modest demands, the game will only get 236 megabytes of your computer's hdd storage space.

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