Legends of the East: The Cobra's Eye Collector's Edition

July 28, 2013
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Stop a devastating war and save the man you love in Legends of the East: The Cobra's Eye! A long-forgotten artifact has just resurfaced, and evil forces are racing to claim it. To make matters worse, the love of your life, Daniel, has somehow gotten himself mixed up in the mess. Now you must find Daniel and uncover the truth behind the legendary Cobra's Eye before the fate of the world is changed forever. Your destiny awaits you in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

Look at Hidden Object Game video:

hidden mystery games

Each time play this game, you'll feel like you are at another complete world, searching for hints to clear a grand mystery. It has a very immersive and exciting gaming experience, as well as being a lot of fun playing. You need to use your creative thinking, wits, abilities, in addition to wisdom to defeat your competitors locating as much hidden items as possible before the forces of evil defeat you. Well, what are you waiting around for? Just do it - install this game and allow the awesome grand adventure start now!

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Your computer require at least 1024Mb Ram memory. The processor chip is fine enough for this kind of video game require to be 1.8 GHz. The computer only will need Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 as its os. Have to be running DirectX 9.0 local library. That's required a minimum of 602 Megabytes of disk drive memory space freed up and suitable for the installation and operation of the hidden object game - you may need additional hard disc drive space if you set up extra than one game, yet the harddisk space requirement will not necessarily become a multiple of 602 Megabytes due to the use of typical program code components among all the hidden object games.

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