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Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

September 29, 2011
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After the police and FBI come up empty in their investigation, Bella turns to forces beyond our world to find her missing son in this game! A mysterious package with no return address appears on Bella's doorstep and now her entire world is about to be turned upside down! Use your Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure talents to explore this incredible game and save Bella's son!

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hidden mystery games

At the time having fun with this game, you're going to believe you are inside a different complete world, trying to get hints to help resolve a great enigma. The following game is one of the most amazing hidden object games available on the market today. You need to take note that this game is not just for the children, though. Adults shall also quite enjoy looking for the hidden items.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Your machine only will need to have Windows XP/Vista as its operating system. 1.0 GHz processor is sufficient to play this game. Make sure your System for installed DirectX 9.0 or later. For this game, not less than 512Mb of memory space demanded. You must have as a minimum 836 Mbytes of local disk capacity freed up and available for the installation and working of your hidden object game - you may need more hdd space if you put in more than one game, however disk drive storage space requirement will not necessarily become a multiple of 836 Mbytes a result of the use of common computer code modules among all the hidden object games. The game just has minimal system demands. Compared with a lot of other games, you don't really need the modern, greatest, and most valuable parts in order to enjoy this game.

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