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Luxor Adventures

November 20, 2009
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Luxor Adventures, the latest offering from Mumbo Jumbo, is a hidden object game where you team up with John Swift and Jane Graham to keep the history of the world intact. In the game, we travel through time along with the duo to put an end to the evil caused by Seth Hisster who wants to alter the course of history to suit him and to fulfill his insatiable thirst for power.

Our main objective in the game, as we travel through different time periods is to find objects which are totally unrelated to that particular time period. The object which one has to scour during a particular level are listed at the bottom of the screen and with the exception of a few objects, they are not too difficult to find if one concentrates just a little. If one is unable to locate an object, there is the hint system which recharges pretty quickly making it a manageable affair.

On every level you have a clock ticking reminding you that you are pressed for time but you have plenty of time to complete the levels. The game also includes a number of mini games which are fun to play like card games, puzzle games, spot the differences, jigsaw’ and a few other games.

Apart from a few ignorable flaws this is a very well made and beautifully designed game. Recommended for everyone!

Look at Hidden Object Game video:

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Examine your Home pc for running DirectX 9.1 or later. Pc processor chip at 1.0 GHz is sufficient to enjoy the game. The computer simply will need Windows XP/Vista/7 as its os. Your laptop or computer must have no less than 512Mb Ram memory. Besides these lightweight requirements, the video game will claim 293 megabytes of the computer's hard disc drive storage space. So do not be afraid if your own home computer is not very fresh; this video game shall run completely well on elder machines and does not max out your Processor or reduce speed your system to the point where the game is not pleasant, like some other game titles do!

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