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Magic Farm 2

September 6, 2011
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Go on a new adventure with Iris and Robin and help them win the Magical Tournament in this game: Fairy Lands! With help from new and old friends, new improvements to the land, and unique upgrades, this Time Management game will have you occupied for hours! Grow and gather flowers and fulfill unusual quests to succeed!

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hidden mystery games

The thrilling excitment and suspense builds to a palpable tension because the difficulty increases and the player solving puzzles in a series of playoffs. This game is interesting to parents and kids of any age. It has a very immersive and exciting gaming experience, along with being a lot of fun playing. When having fun with this game, you may look like you are inside different world, seeking out hints to solve a grand enigma.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

On your personal computer, you will need Windows XP/Vista. 1.0 GHz cpu is enough to relax and play this game. Ensure your Computer for working DirectX 9.0 or later. For the game, not less than 512Mb of memory space required. You will need as a minimum 135 Megabytes of hard drive storage space freed up and ready for the installation and working for this hidden object game - you'll need more local disk space if you add more than single game, yet the hard disk drive space requirement will not always be a multiple of 135 Megabytes due to the use of usual code components among the majority of the hidden object games.

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