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The Mirror Mysteries

December 25, 2009
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A young family stops at a mysterious old home for a picnic and as the mother closes her eyes to enjoy the sun, she hears a horrific crash, the kids! As she enters the house, she is confronted by a mystical mirror that's taken her kids and locks them away in a magical world. A Hidden Object quest is placed upon you to not just save the children, but to help a unique character in very mystical places! Can you solve the Mirror Mysteries!?

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This amazing game is one of the most amazing hidden object games available to buy today. It provides a really immersive and entertaining gaming experience, along with being a lot of fun playing. All of the high-quality graphical design get the game really fascinating.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

The processor is good enough for this video game are required to be 1.0 GHz. Require to be running DirectX 8.1 local library. Your laptop or computer need to have no less 512Mb Memory. On your computer system, you must have Windows XP/Vista/7. Don't need to clean the hard drive from other software. 82 of free drive space is enough. This video game just has modest personal computer requirements. Not like a lot of other games, you don't need to have the modern, finest, and most pricy computer hardware in order to enjoy the game.

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