Mysterium: Lake Bliss

January 27, 2014
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Molly Huggins, a young bride-to-be, summons you to the beautiful resort town of Lake Bliss to find her missing groom. Is Tommy Drake seeing another woman, or is he the latest victim in a series of drownings plaguing the city? Be careful, or the siren's haunting melody may lure you into the dark waters next! Follow the clues, interview suspects, and uncover what's lurking along the shores of Lake Bliss in this intriguing hidden-object puzzle adventure game.

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hidden mystery games

You will want to note that this computer game isn't just for the children, though. Adults may also really enjoy finding the hidden things. The joy as well as suspense builds to a palpable tension because the difficulty increases and the gamer solving puzzles in a series of playoffs. This game is exciting to older people and babies of all ages. Anytime having fun with this game, you'll sense that you are inside another realm, trying to find clues to be able to resolve a fantastic enigma.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Your laptop or computer should have a minimum 1024Mb Memory. Computer system processor at 1.8 GHz is good to relax and play the game. The overall game makes use of visual effects, dependant upon the library DirectX 9.0. To get started on the game you absolutely need an Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 main system. Its not necessary to clean up the hard drive from some other programs. 981 of free drive space is enough.

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