Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove

December 20, 2014
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Big Fish Editor's Choice! This title was chosen for its high standard of quality and amazingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers. Dire Grove has been plunged into a record-defying cold, and wild animals threaten at every turn! You've been called in to uncover the source of the town's troubles. But you quickly find yourself in the middle of a feud between the local hunters and the mysterious Mistwalkers who live in the woods. Can you prevent an all-out war? Pick your gender and use an innovative deduction mechanic as you try to discover the secret behind Dire Grove's curse! See what our Beta testers had to say: "I really enjoyed this game. The graphics were outstanding and I like the more challenging puzzles. The hints were excellent. Overall, this is the best MCF yet!" - Georgia, Beta Tester "MCF has hit it out of the park with this one! I cannot wait for the game to come out!" - Morgan, Beta Tester

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hidden mystery games

The high-quality sharp graphics cause the game very intriguing. It provides a really immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, as well as being a lot of fun to play. The excitement as well as suspense builds to a palpable tension as the difficulty increases and the gamer solving puzzles in a series of playoffs. This game is attractive to older people and kids of every age group. So, what are you waiting around for? Just do it - get this game and let the awesome mission start now!

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

For easy game you've just got a central processor with 2.5 GHz. Be sure that your Computer system for installed DirectX 9.0 or newer. To set up the game you need an Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 operating-system. This game demands a some RAM: 1024Mb. You need around 1327 Megabytes of hard disk drive storage space freed up and ready for the installation and operation of your hidden object game - you should have extra hard disk room if you set up more than one game, but also the harddrive storage space requirement probably will not always be a multiple of 1327 Megabytes as a result of use of typical computer code modules among most of the hidden object games. So do not be nervous if your own system is not very fresh; this computer game will perform completely well on good old machines and does not max out your CPU or decline your machine to the point where the game is not enjoyable, like another video games do!

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