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Mystery Chronicles: Betrayals of Love

May 2, 2011
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After the Countess is discovered dead, it's up to you to follow the clues and find her murderer in this game! After Commissaire Jean Bertineau asks for your help in this high-profile murder, you travel to France and hope to get to the bottom of this gruesome murder. Upon arriving, you discover that the Count has gone missing! Get to the bottom of the case before the Count ends up being the next corpse you discover in this dark Hidden Object game!

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The following game is about the most remarkable hidden object games that can be found today. You will want to notice that this game is not just for the kids, though. Grown persons will also quite enjoy looking for the hidden things. It has a very immersive and entertaining gaming experience, in addition to being a lot of fun playing. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab this game and allow the wonderful game start at this moment!

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Would have to be installed DirectX 7.0 local library. For easy game you've just got a chip with 1.0 GHz. For the game, as a minimum 256Mb of ram memory required. Your computer simply will need Windows XP/Vista as its os. The game is actually not very big. On the hard drive you have, it will take a maximum of 146 Megabytes.

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