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Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera

November 21, 2010
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The ruins of the opera house stand as a tomb to unrequited love. Though long abandoned, an undying ghost still wanders its halls, plotting the return of his heart's desire. Discover the history that haunts the opera house and face all of its challenges. Confront the man behind the mask and complete the final act in Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera, a fantastic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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You need to make full use of your brain cells, wits, required skills, as well as intellect to defeat your competitors locating as many hidden items as you can before the forces of evil defeat you. Any time playing that game, you certainly will look like you are at another complete world, trying to get hints to finally resolve a grand enigma. The high-quality graphical design get the overall game really pleasing.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Your pc must have as a minimum 1024Mb Ram memory. For convenient gaming you've just got a central processor with 1.0 GHz. The video game uses visual effects, dependant on the library DirectX 8.1. To begin the game you must have an Windows XP/Vista/7 os. Along with these little requirements, the video game will take 350 megabytes on the computer's hard disc drive storage space.

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