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Mystic Gallery

April 20, 2010
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Find Hidden Objects on great paintings and train your artistic skills to become the master restorer of a this game! Use a unique device, the Wheel of Skill, to play marvellous minigames and earn your diploma from a fantastic art school. Repair some of the most famous paintings of all times as you work towards success. Can you breathe new life into these damaged masterpieces? Give it your best shot in this game!

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Hidden object games allow young children to train using their visual cues and deductive reasoning abilities, but without making it seem like they are doing a uninteresting educational activity. This game is so cool and compelling that kids can forget that it is aiding their intelligent development while they play the game. All of the high-quality graphics create the overall game quite amazing.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Make sure that your pc has a processor speed with a minimum of 800 Mhz. The overall game requires a minimal bit Ram memory: 512Mb. To begin with the game you'll need an Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system. The game makes use of graphic effects, depending on the library DirectX 8.0. You don't need to clean up the hard drive from some other software. 74 of free hard drive space is enough.

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