Nevertales: The Beauty Within

November 23, 2013
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Just when you were finally done with work for the day, a stranger comes knocking loudly at your door. When you answer there's no one... no one except a helpless baby abandoned on your doorstep. You follow after the stranger, hoping to find some answers but are drawn into a mystery that beckons you into a castle-like mansion. Who does the baby belong to? Why were you chosen? The answers will surprise you in this game, a page-turning Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Look at Hidden Object Game video:

hidden mystery games

The thrilling excitment and suspense builds to a palpable tension as the difficulty increases and the player solving puzzles in a series of playoffs. This game is interesting to adults and young ones of every age group. All of the high-quality design get the overall game very interesting.

hidden mystery games
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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

Check the Computer for installed DirectX 9.0 or later. Your pc must have as a minimum 1024Mb RAM. On your personal computer, you need to have Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8. Computer central processor at 1.8 GHz would be sufficient to use this game. Together with these minor demands, the video game will only claim 744 megabytes of your computer's hard disk storage space.

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