Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart

March 3, 2012
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Stop the evil Vansig family before they point their vengeful wrath at your friend Christine in this game! Just as Viggo and Christine believed themselves free from the shackles of the Vansig family, an enemy they thought dead returns to kidnap Viggo, destroying the newfound peace of the lovers. Powerless to save Viggo by herself, Christine has called upon your help in this game!

Look at Hidden Object Game video:

hidden mystery games

You need to start using all your brain cells, wits, abilities, combined with intelligence to beat your competitors in finding as many hidden items as possible before the forces of evil defeat you. This amazing game is probably the most remarkable hidden object games available on the market today. You need to notice that this computer game is not only for the kids, though. Most people will also much enjoy finding the hidden things. So, what are you waiting for? Do not delay - pick up this game and let the amazing adventure get started right now!

hidden mystery games
Buy for only $6.99! Lowest price! So, you may download sample version with 1 hour timelimit for FREE
hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

For this game, a minimum of 1024Mb of memory demanded. 1.0 GHz processor would be sufficient to relax and play this game. The video game makes use of graphic effects, driven by the library DirectX 9.0. Your pc just will need Windows XP/Vista/Win7 as its operating system. It is not necessary to clean up the hard drive from other programs. 309 of free storage space is enough.

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