Panopticon: Path of Reflections

June 18, 2014
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Enter a world in which the border between reality and illusion is paper thin and the answer to a mystery will test the limits of human understanding! Guide Senior Inspector John Perry as he sets out to find magician Andy Fox and his assistant, who vanished into thin air while using a new machine during one of Andy's performances. Explore far off locations in which the unexpected is expected, scour alternate dimensions for clues and hidden objects, and employ your skills as a virtual sleuth to solve cunning puzzles. Along the way, you'll perform magic tricks, interact with the Great Houdini, and outsmart a scheming shop keeper! The world of Panopticon is filled with twists and turn, and will keep you guessing until the truth is revealed in the final, stunning moment of the game. Are you prepared for an adventure unlike any other?

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This game is about the most amazing hidden object games available to buy today. You should start using your creative thinking, wits, experience, and intelligence to defeat the competitors locating as many hidden items as possible before the forces of evil defeat you. It has a really immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, and also being a lot of fun playing.

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hidden mystery games
hidden mystery games

To set up the game you should have an Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 operating-system. Computer system central processor at 1.4 GHz is definitely sufficient to spend time playing this game. Should running DirectX 9.0 library. For this game, more than 1024Mb of memory space demanded. You must have as a minimum 1431 Megabytes of disk drive space freed up and suitable for the installation and operation of your hidden object game - you would need much more disc drive space if you add more than one game, yet the hard disk drive space requirement will not necessarily become a multiple of 1431 Megabytes as a result of use of common program code modules among much of the hidden object games. So do not be bothered if your own system is not quite new; this computer game shall go completely well on older machines and will not max out your Processor or reduce speed your system to the point where the game is not pleasant, like other sorts of video games do!

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